The Duchess of Windsor: A Memoir Cover

The Duchess of Windsor: A Memoir

ISBN/ASIN: 1908096144,9781908096142 | 2011 | English | epub | 204/0 pages | 14.9 Mb
Publisher: Gibson Square Books Ltd | Author: Diana Mitford (Lady Mosley)

A consummate writer and intimate of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Diana Mosley was a frequent guest at their parties in Paris or at 'the Moulin' in Orsay, where they were neighbours. Written in her inimitable style – archly intelligent, witty and perceptive – Diana Mosley paints a remarkable portrait of her friend that is both extremely life-like and realistic with regards to her flaws. What was it that utterly captivated the heir to the throne and made him renounce it so that he might never be parted from her? It is this question which Diana Mosley seeks to answer and which she is perhaps better qualified to answer than anyone else, given her love of her husband Sir Oswald Mosley, Leader of the British Fascists.

The Duchess of Windsor: A Memoir

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