Fabric of History Cover

Fabric of History

ISBN/ASIN: 1850753245,9781850753247 | 1991 | English | pdf | 148/153 pages | 6.87 Mb
Publisher: Sheffield | Author: Diana Vikander Edelman

Six scholars explore the nature of history and historical reconstruction and the place of history within biblical studies. The uncritical use of both text and artifact that continues to dominate histories of Israel and Judah testifies to the need for a wider grassroots awareness of the basic issues involved in doing history as a biblical scholar. A growing number of scholars are questioning the theoretical underpinnings of the main 'schools' of research and are calling for an approach that makes a more critical evaluation of both textual and artifactual material before using it in historical reconstruction. These essays were first presented at the annual SBL/ASOR meeting in 1989 in a symposium entitled 'The Role of History and Archaeology in Biblical Studies'.

Fabric of History


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