Home Sanctuary: Declutter, Simplify, and Relax the Natural Way Cover

Home Sanctuary: Declutter, Simplify, and Relax the Natural Way

ISBN/ASIN: N/A | 2012 | English | epub | 44/0 pages | 0.36 Mb
Author: Diyana Nicole

What Happened to "Welcome Home"?
Our homes can easily be turned into disorganized, cluttered and a stressful spaces. Places that are no longer inviting, welcoming, or relaxing to be in.

Creating Your Own Home Sanctuary
A relaxing home not only fends off stress, but it can help foster better relationships between the people living there, boost energy and creativity levels, and help you achieve better sleep. A clean and clutter free home helps create a more balanced and productive lifestyle. It gives you a sense of control. A simplified home lets you be proud of your space and allows what is really valuable to be close by.

Author Diyana Nicole has taken inspiration from the likes of spas and tropical homes to create 'Home Sanctuaries'. Relaxing home lifestyles based on everything from simplified home décor styles and decluttering solutions, to organic home spa recipes and treatments.

The Book Includes:

Making Use of Pinterest to Create Your Own Home Look Book: Use Pinterest to create your 'Fountain of Inspiration'. A collection of images and ideas that inspire you to create the home you want. Simplified and Relaxing Home Décor Ideas: Use the natural interior design principle of bringing the outside in. Make use of natural materials, relaxing lighting ideas, and other home décor ideas to create a spa like home.Tools and Solutions for Getting Rid of Clutter: Take inspiration from the growing trend of people living a minimalist life. Find out simple steps to home organization, cleaning, and decluttering. How To Relax – Exercises to Declutter the Mind: If our minds are in constant motion and have no time to relax, then everything else around us can easily get tangled into a mess. Find out the fastest and easiest ways to a clutter free mind.The Fine Art of Relaxing at Home: Use natural ideas for more soothing and relaxing moments at home. Make your home smell like spa, learn easy to make home spa drinks, and easy to do home spa treatments.

Home Sanctuary: Declutter, Simplify, and Relax the Natural Way

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