Adobe Acrobat 6: The Professional User’s Guide Cover

Adobe Acrobat 6: The Professional User’s Guide

ISBN/ASIN: 9781590592328,9781430207863 | 2004 | English | pdf | 528/497 pages | 18.2 Mb
Publisher: Apress | Author: Donna L. Baker, Hugh T. Tom Carson (auth.) | Edition: 1

Acrobat 6 contains strong business applications, and this book is the first to delve into them. In the first edition, acclaimed author Donna Baker devoted a chapter to ways that Acrobat can be used to streamline your business processes. She has expanded on this information in this edition, demonstrating the usefulness of Acrobat for both businesspeople and designers of different backgrounds ranging from engineering to graphics.

If you are a professional computer user familiar with Acrobat basics, and you want to broaden your knowledge on how Acrobat can be applied to your daily work actitives, this is the book for you. Baker and coauthor Tom Carson offer in-depth instruction on methods and processes, real-world tutorials and projects, and detailed coverage of advanced Acrobat features, providing you with invaluable knowledge on how to apply Acrobat to a wide range of industry needs. Whether youre a web designer, hospital administrator, or engineer, this book will expand your knowledge of Acrobat in ways you didnt realize were possible.

Adobe Acrobat 6: The Professional User’s Guide

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