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Java Rules

ISBN/ASIN: 0201709163,9780201709162 | 2001 | English | pdf | 720/1000 pages | 5.85 Mb
Publisher: Pearson Education | Author: Douglas Dunn

JavaaA A Rules distills the Java Language Specification into an extraordinary resource for every Java developer. Doug Dunn has eliminated obscure information only needed by JVM and compiler developers, and added crucial real-world guidance not found in the spec. The result: the most readable, accessible Java reference ever created. JavaaA A Rules offers a thorough overview of the Java 2 Platform, the java.lang,, and java.util packages, and associated APIs and class libraries. Long-time consultant and trainer Doug Dunn introduces the inner workings of the language with exceptional clarity, detailing fine points and delivering expert tips for creating robust, efficient software. Topics covered include: lexical structure, compilation units, application programs, packages, JAR files, versioning, reference types, variables and constants, strings and arrays, and much more. For all beginning-to-intermediate level Java programmers, including experienced developers in other languages who want a Java tutorial and reference that respects their expertise.

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