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ISBN/ASIN: 1580262384 | English | pdf | 31/31 pages | 0.26 Mb
Publisher: Bible Baptist Bookstore | Author: Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

This study discusses a heresy found in some Fundamental and Bible-believing circles. Dr. Ruckman calls this heresy, with “tongue in cheek,” the “Dry Cleaners” because those who teach it are as hung upon non-baptism as the Campbellites are on water baptism. The Hyperdispensationalists wrongly divide “the word of truth” to get rid of New Testament believer’s baptism and Baptist churches. Not only will Dr. Ruckman examine the practice of water baptism in relation to the teachings and practices of the Apostle Paul, he will also examine exactly when both the local church and the Body of Christ began in the Scriptures and how that affects New Testament preaching and practice. The false teachings of the Hyperdispensationalists are defined and rebuked from Scripture, with special attention given to the Hyperdispensational perversions of passages in Ephesians 3 and 4.

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