The Fast Fourier Transform  An Introduction to Its Theory and Application Cover

The Fast Fourier Transform: An Introduction to Its Theory and Application

ISBN/ASIN: 013307496X,9780133074963 | 1973 | English | pdf | 304/266 pages | 5.40 Mb
Publisher: Prentice Hall | Author: E. Oran Brigham | Edition: 1st

Here is a new book that identifies and interprets the essential basics of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). It links in a unified presentation the Fourier transform, discrete Fourier transform, FFT, and fundamental applications of the FFT. The FFT is becoming a primary analytical tool in such diverse fields as linear systems, optics, probability theory, quantum physics, antennas, and signal analysis, but there has always been a problem of communicating its fundamentals. Thus the aim of this book is to provide a readable and functional treatment of the FFT and its significant applications. In his Preface the author explains the organization of his topics, "… Every major concept is developed by a three-stage sequential process. First, the concept is introduced by an intuitive development which is usually pictorial and nature. Second, a non-sophisticated (but thoroughly sound) mathematical treatment is developed to support the intuitive arguments. The third stage consists of practical examples designed to review and expand the concept being discussed. It is felt that this three-step procedure gives meaning as well as mathematical substance to the basic properties of the FFT. — from book's dustjacket

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