Handbook of soil sciences   resource management and environmental impacts Cover

Handbook of soil sciences : resource management and environmental impacts

ISBN/ASIN: 9781439803073,1439803072 | 2011. | English | pdf | 818/818 pages | 64.8 Mb
Publisher: CRC Press | Author: editors, Pan Ming Huang, Yuncong Li, and Malcolm E. Sumner. | Edition: 2nd ed

Soil Physical, Chemical, and Biological Interfacial Interactions Introduction; Pan Ming Huang and Antonio Violante The Role of Synchrotron Radiation in Elucidating the Biogeochemistry of Metal(loids) and Nutrients at Critical Zone Interfaces; Donald L. Sparks and Matthew Ginder-Vogel Clay-Organic Interactions in Soil Environments; Guodong Yuan and Benny K.G. Theng Nanoscale Science and Technology in Soil Science; Patricia A. Maurice Impacts of Environmental Nanoparticles on Chemical, Biological, and Hydrological Processes in Terrestrial Ecosystems; Nikolla P. Qafoku Enzymatic Activity as Inf luenced by Soil Mineral and Humic Colloids and Its Impact on Biogeochemical Processes; L. Gianfreda, M.A. Rao, and M. Mora Biogeochemical, Biophysical, and Biological Processes in the Rhizosphere; Philippe Hinsinger, Davey L. Jones, and Petra Marschner Mineralogical, Physicochemical, and Microbiological Controls on Soil Organic Matter Stabilization and Turnover; Ingrid Kogel-Knabner and Markus Kleber Impact of Soil Physical, Chemical, and Biological Interactions on the Transformation of Metals and Metalloids; Antonio Violante, M. Pigna, V. Cozzolino, and Pan Ming Huang Soil Physicochemical and Biological Interfacial Processes Governing the Fate of Anthropogenic Organic Pollutants; Kun Yang and Baoshan Xing Impact of Soil Physicochemical and Biological Reactions on Transport of Nutrients and Pollutants in the Critical Zone; Jon Chorover Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Introduction; James J. Camberato Bioavailability of N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, and Si; Nanthi Bolan, Ross Brennan, Dedik Budianta, James J. Camberato, Ravi Naidu, William L. Pan, Andrew Sharpley, Donald L. Sparks, and Malcolm E. Sumner Soil Acidity and Liming; T. Jot Smyth Soil Fertility Evaluation; J. Thomas Sims and Joshua McGrath Fundamentals of Fertilizer Application; David B. Mengel and George W. Rehm Nutrient and Water Use Efficiency; Kefyalew Girma and William Raun Nutrient Interactions in Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition; William L. Pan Interdisciplinary Aspects of Soil Science Introduction; G.J. Levy Saline and Boron-Affected Soils; R. Keren Sodicity; Guy J. Levy Soil Water Repellency; Stefan H. Doerr and Richard A. Shakesby Biogeochemistry of Wetlands; P.W. Inglett, K.R. Reddy, W.G. Harris, and E.M. D'Angelo Acid Sulfate Soils; L.A. Sullivan, R.T. Bush, E.D. Burton, C.J. Ritsema, and M.E.F. van Mensvoort Water Erosion; Dino Torri and Lorenzo Borselli Wind Erosion; D.W. Fryrear Land Application of Wastes; David M. Miller and W.P. Miller Conservation Tillage; Paul W. Unger and Humberto Blanco-Canqui Soil Quality; Stephanie A. Ewing and Michael J. Singer Soil Databases Introduction; Marion F. Baumgardner Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects of World and Regional Soil Databases and Maps; Freddy O. Nachtergaele, Vincent W.P. van Engelen, and Niels H. Batjes United States Soil Survey Databases; Jim R. Fortner and Alan B. Price Integrated Digital, Spatial, and Attribute Databases for Soils in Brazil; Carlos Eduardo Pellegrino Cerri, Carlos Gustavo Tornquist, Martial Bernoux, Miguel Cooper, Gerd Sparovek, Maria de Lourdes Mendonca-Santos, and Carlos Clemente Cerri Development and Use of Soil Maps and Databases in China; Gan-Lin Zhang and Yun-Jin Wu Soil Geographic Database of Russia; Sergey A. Shoba, Vyacheslav A. Rozhkov, Irina O. Alyabina, Varvara M. Kolesnikova, Inga S. Urusevskaya, Erik N. Molchanov, Vladimir S. Stolbovoi, Boris V. Sheremet, and Dmitry E. Konyushkov Learning about Soil Resources with Digital Soil Maps; Darrell G. Schulze, Phillip R. Owens, and George E. Van Scoyoc Soil Databases in Africa; D.G. Paterson and N.M. Mushia Index

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