Aufsätze und Vorträge (1911–1921) Cover

Aufsätze und Vorträge (1911–1921)

ISBN/ASIN: 9789401084338,9789400943490 | 1986 | German | pdf | 418 S./444 pages | 12.8 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: Edmund Husserl (auth.)

This volume is a collection of all the shorter writings that Husserl published between 1911 – the year in which Philosophy as a Rigorous Science appeared – and 1921. It also includes a group of texts that Husserl prepared for publication in the Kant-Studien in 1917, but then held back, and all the public lectures he gave during the period.

Aufsätze und Vorträge (1911–1921)

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