Theoretical Aerodynamics Cover

Theoretical Aerodynamics

ISBN/ASIN: 1118479343,9781118479346 | 2013 | English | epub | 560/0 pages | 5.39 Mb
Publisher: Wiley | Author: Ethirajan Rathakrishnan | Edition: 1

Theoretical Aerodynamics is a user-friendly text for a full course on theoretical aerodynamics. The author systematically introduces aerofoil theory, its design features and performance aspects, beginning with the basics required, and then gradually proceeding to higher level. The mathematics involved is presented so that it can be followed comfortably, even by those who are not strong in mathematics. The examples are designed to fix the theory studied in an effective manner. Throughout the book, the physics behind the processes are clearly explained. Each chapter begins with an introduction and ends with a summary and exercises.

This book is intended for graduate and advanced undergraduate students of Aerospace Engineering, as well as researchers and Designers working in the area of aerofoil and blade design.
Provides a complete overview of the technical terms, vortex theory, lifting line theory, and numerical methodsPresented in  an easy-to-read style making full use of figures and illustrations to enhance understanding, and moves well simpler to more advanced topicsIncludes a complete section on fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, essential background topics to the theory of aerodynamicsBlends the mathematical and physical concepts of design and performance aspects of lifting surfaces, and introduces the reader to the thin aerofoil theory, panel method, and finite aerofoil theoryIncludes a Solutions Manual for end-of-chapter exercises, and Lecture slides on the book’s Companion Website


Theoretical Aerodynamics

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