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ISBN/ASIN: 1859959407,9781859959404 | 2005 | English | pdf | 192/192 pages | 45.5 Mb
Publisher: Parkstone Press | Author: Eugene Muntz, Arthur Borges

The name Michelangelo instantly conjures up the Sistine Chapel, Apollo, Jupiter and countless other great works. In his novel, The Italian Painting, Stendhal remarked that, "Between Greek antiquity and Michelangelo nothing exists, except more or less skilled forgeries." In Promenade in Rome, Chateaubriant expresses his admiration for the refined lines of the Pieta. A number of great writers such as Manzoni view Michelangelo as one of the Masters of the western revival in art. The work of Michelangelo has, indisputably, stood the test of time. How is it possible that in just a few years, Michelangelo was able to uncover the secrets of a creative source worthy of his Greek predecessors? Often referred to as a creative genius and a superman, Michelangelo was an incomparable artist of the Italian Renaissance, and is often ranked alongside Leonardo da Vinci for his influence and achievement. In this work, Jean-Matthieu Gosselin explores all Michelangelo's identities: sculptor, architect, painter and draughtsman.

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