Your Child's Teeth  A Complete Guide for Parents Cover

Your Child’s Teeth: A Complete Guide for Parents

ISBN/ASIN: 142141063X,9781421410630 | 2013 | English | epub | 296/0 pages | 3.18 Mb
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press | Author: Evelina Weidman Sterling, Angie Best-Boss | Edition: 1

Children’s dental health involves much more than a toothbrush. Dental disease is the number one chronic childhood illness, and avoiding dental disease means paying scrupulous attention to our children’s teeth.

In Your Child’s Teeth, health writers Evelina Weidman Sterling and Angie Best-Boss team up with pediatric dentists and oral health experts to answer parents’ many questions about children’s teeth. Topics include:• how thumb sucking and pacifiers affect teeth• how to brush your young children’s teeth• how to calm a child who is afraid of the dentist• how to help special needs children get proper dental care • how medical problems affect teeth• how fluoride rinses and dental sealants work• how a root canal is done• how to make the orthodontia decision

This book will help parents help children develop good dental habits for a lifetime of healthy teeth—from baby’s first tooth to the young adult’s shining smile.

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