Science a Road to Wisdom: Collected Philosophical Studies Cover

Science a Road to Wisdom: Collected Philosophical Studies

ISBN/ASIN: 9789401176460,9789401176446 | 1972 | English | pdf | 136/132 pages | 4.48 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: Evert W. Beth (auth.) | Edition: 1

A few days before his death my husband requested me to write a few words of thanks on the publication of this collection of articles. He had already prepared the greater part of the volume for the press and had also decided on the title Science a Road to Wisdom. His original selection was somewhat more comprehensive, which is still partly reflected in the Preface. Knowing how much he wished to see this collection published, I respectfully and lovingly fulfil his request, thanking Else M. Barth and J. J. A. Mooij for their extensive and expert care in putting the final touches to the volume. ADDITION TO THE TRANSLATION Finally, I wish to thank Peter G. E. Wesly for his willingness to undertake the translation of the book into English. c. P. C. BETH-PASTOOR IX PREFACE In this republication of a number of philosophical studies I have refrained from including articles of a specialized nature on symbolic logic and the methodology of the exact sciences. There was no cause to include my contributions towards the didactics of mathematics and physics, nor did I consider it appropriate to reprint pieces of a predominantly polemical nature. I decided, however, that a very modest selection from my purely historical work would not be out of place.

Science a Road to Wisdom: Collected Philosophical Studies

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