The Eel: Biology and Management of Anguillid Eels Cover

The Eel: Biology and Management of Anguillid Eels

ISBN/ASIN: 9789400957633,9789400957619 | 1977 | English | pdf | 434/445 pages | 56.2 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: F.-W. Tesch Dr. agr. (auth.), P. H. Greenwood D.Sc. (eds.) | Edition: 1

by Dr P .H. Greenwood British Museum (Natural History), London Dr Tesch's wide ranging account of anguillid eels impinges on the interests of many biologists; it is not simply a specialized tome narrowly aimed at ichthyologists and fishery scientists, rather it provides a source of primary reference and a comprehensive sununary of informa­ tion that is not likely to be superseded for a long time. It is significant that the bibliography includes references to learned journals concerned with physiology, pharmacology, taxonomy, genetics, zoology, endo­ crinology, botany, ecology and environmental interactions. Such is the breadth of interest in the Anguillidae. Few fish species have been subjected to as detailed review as Dr Tesch gives for the (wo Atlantic species of Anguilla. An equally comprehensive resume of research into the fourteen, rather less well-studied Indo­ Pacific species gives balance and reciprocal illumination to several biological problems posed by these similar but quite distinctive species.

The Eel: Biology and Management of Anguillid Eels

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