Thank You for Leaving Me  Finding Divinity in Divorce Cover

Thank You for Leaving Me: Finding Divinity in Divorce

ISBN/ASIN: 0980975123,9780980975123 | 2012 | English | pdf | 172/88 pages | 16.3 Mb
Publisher: Oneness Publishing | Author: Farhana Dhalla

During times of crisis, all we need is a good friend who can understand us and make us laugh a little. Thank You for Leaving Me is like reading that good friend's journal and finding yourself understood, intrigued by a new point of view and having bursts of unexpected laughter that hit the core issues in the most disarming way. Thank You for Leaving Me is a guide to finding your way to truth, peace and gratitude enriching your life and relationships with those that matter most to you. Author Farhana Dhalla is a much-loved coach, speaker and author who offers an honest and raw look at how to recover and rebirth yourself after the end of a marriage. She chronicles the process of going through the 'crunchy' times and arriving at a spiritual awakening where her great realization came in seeing that everything was happening FOR her versus TO her. This profound realization changed the lens in which she views everything making way for the Magnificent life that laid ahead to unfold. This is your possibility too.

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