Teamster Politics Cover

Teamster Politics

ISBN/ASIN: 0873488628,9780873488624 | 1975 | English | pdf | 292/338 pages | 9.00 Mb
Publisher: Pathfinder Press | Author: Farrell Dobbs | Edition: 1st

The third of four books on the 1930s strikes, organizing drives, and political campaigns that transformed the Teamsters union in Minnesota and much of the Midwest into a fighting industrial union movement. Written by a leader of the communist movement in the U.S. and organizer of the Teamsters union during the rise of the CIO. Indispensable tools for advancing revolutionary politics, organization, and effective trade unionism. Teamster Politics tells how rank-and-file Teamsters led the fight against antiunion frame-ups and assaults by fascist goons; the battle for jobs for all; and efforts to advance independent labor political action.

Teamster Politics

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