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Insect Pathology

ISBN/ASIN: 9780123849847 | 2012 | English | pdf | 494/494 pages | 13.0 Mb
Publisher: Academic Press | Author: Fernando E. Vega, Harry K. Kaya (Eds.)

''[N]ominally a second edition of the 1993 text, ‘Insect Pathology’ by Tanada and Kaya (1993), but differs significantly from this earlier book in scope, organization, content and authorship…. The current book is organized into 13 chapters, each authored by very well-chosen experts in their respective fields…. To address the enormity and complexity of their subject area, Vega and Kaya, although authoring some chapters on their own, have taken advantage of expertise from an impressive roster of researchers to deal with the broad spectrum of information presented…. The book is targeted towards advanced undergraduates and graduate level students, and would provide an excellent basis for insect pathology courses, but would also be an indispensable addition to the library of any researcher interested in insect pathology, entomology, biological control, mycology, virology, bacteriology, protozoology, or nematology.''–Society for Invertebrate Pathology Newsletter''19 years after the publication of the 1st edition, the 2nd edition of this text reflects the strides made in the field, and usefully condenses new research and applications into a concise and authoritative text that will benefit a wide range of specialists, including biological control researchers and graduate students. The chapters include discussion of the various pathogens of each insect, their formulation, delivery systems, and resistance, when applicable, with attention to the specific applications on pest insects. Major chapter topics include the history of the field, principles of epizootiology and microbial control, baculoviruses, RNA viruses that infect pest insects, fungal and bacterial entomophathogens, and nematode parasites and entomopathogens. A separate chapter is devoted to diseases of silkworms and bees.''–Reference and Research Book News, August 2012, page 239''With contributions from several experts, the new version is very well written and reads more smoothly when compared to the previous one. Further, the number of chapters was reduced, but they are better arranged and illustrated. Every chapter is accompanied by a comprehensive list of references. It seems that this treatise will become a strong, indispensable tool for those interested in the field for years to come.''–CHOICE, October 2012, Vol. 50, No. 02

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