Marine Corrosion of Stainless Steels Cover

Marine Corrosion of Stainless Steels

ISBN/ASIN: 9781601191779,9781861251510,1861251513,1601191774 | 2001 | English | pdf | 322/323 pages | 15.9 Mb
Publisher: Maney Publishing | Author: Féron, D. (Eds.)

This volume contains the results of tests on the corrosivity of European sea waters towards three types of stainless steels as well as reviews and reports covering materials selection.
• Front Matter
• Series Introduction
• Preface
• Table of Contents
•Part I. Comparison of Sea Water Corrosivity in Europe 1. Comparison of Sea Water Corrosivity in Europe
2. Experimental Procedures Applied in the European Programme on Comparison of Sea Water Corrosivity
3. Critical Pitting Temperatures of UNS S31600 in Different Sea Waters
4. Crevice Corrosion Testing of UNS S31600, UNS N08904 and UNS S31254
5. Comparison of Sea Water Corrosivity in Europe: Temperature, Biofilm and Ageing Influences
•Part II. Materials Selection 6. Stainless Steels in Sea Water
7. The Sea Water Resistance of a Superaustenitic 7Mo Stainless Steel
8. Corrosion Resistance of Superaustenitic Stainless Steel UR B66 in Chloride-Containing Media
9. Austenitic Stainless Steels for Desalination Processes
10. Recommended Practice for Selection, Quality Control and Use of High-Alloy Stainless Steels in Sea Water Systems
11. Developments in the Engineering Practice of Materials and Design for Mitigation of Topside Marine Corrosion
12. Duplex Stainless Steels in Sea Water – Instructions For Good Practice and Results From Exposure of Butt-Welded Tubes
•Part III. Testing and Experience 13. Application Limits for High-Alloy Stainless Steels with Respect to Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking
14. Ageing of Passivated Materials in Sea Water: Study of the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
15. Influence of Ageing on the Corrosion Behaviour of Stainless Steels in Sea Water
16. A Study of Primary Film Formation on Stainless Steel Immersed in Sea Water
17. Potential-Dimension Diagram of Localised Corrosion
18. Solid Stainless Steel for MSF Once-Through Plants
19. Pipeline Abandonment on the Sea Floor: Predicting Deterioration Times
20. Crevice Corrosion Testing for Modern Stainless Steels
21. Crevice Corrosion of Nickel Base Alloys and High-Alloy Stainless Steels in Sea Water
22. Crevice Corrosion Properties of Weld Overlays of Ni-Based Alloys Compared to 6Mo Stainless Steels for Sea Water Applications
23. Performance of a High-Alloy Stainless Steel in Sea Water Cooled Plate Heat Exchangers
24. Contribution to a Knowledge of Stainless Steel Crevice Corrosion by Testing in the Adriatic Sea
•Part IV. Protection and Monitoring 25. Cathodic Protection of Stainless Steel AISI 316L in Sea Water Systems. Theoretical Considerations and Practical Experience
26. Experience and Future Application of the RCPTM Method to Prevent Internal Corrosion of Stainless Steel Sea Water Piping Systems
27. Monitoring Pitting Corrosion of 304L and 316L Austenitic Stainless Steels by Acoustic Emission: Influence of the Pit Morphology
28. Experience with Cathodic Protection Against the Propagation of Crevice Corrosion in AISI 316L Pipe Couplings in Sea Water
• List of Abbreviations
• Index

Marine Corrosion of Stainless Steels

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