Groundwater Science Cover

Groundwater Science

ISBN/ASIN: 9780123847058 | 2012 | English | pdf | 671/671 pages | 19.4 Mb
Publisher: Academic Press | Author: Fitts, Charles (Auth.)

Praise for the first edition:''Groundwater Science would serve well as the text for an introductory groundwater course…The references are up to date…concise, well-written, and well-illustrated…'' -Sean A. McKenna for EOS TRANSACTIONS, July 2003''The writing is clear and accurate without being wordy… The figures, references, and indexing are also well done. The references include both classics and recent papers, with broad coverage…It's not easy to do so many topics well, but Fitts' book succeeds.'' -Laura Toran for GROUND WATER, 2003''The writing and presentation is clear and economical. The figures have a crisp and uncluttered look to them….a fine textbook.'' -Roger Beckie for VADOSE ZONE JOURNAL, 2003

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