Industrial Synthetic Resins Handbook Cover

Industrial Synthetic Resins Handbook

ISBN/ASIN: 9780815518112,9780815512875 | 1991 | English | rar | 1155/0 pages | 18.8 Mb
Publisher: William Andrew Publishing/Noyes | Author: Flick, E.W. | Edition: 2nd Edition

This book contains short product descriptions of 3,000 resins and related products from 57 manufacturers. Contents: ABS and SAN Resins; Acetal Resins; Acrylics; Alkyds; Curing Reaction Resins; Epoxy Systems & Related Products; High Solids Resins; Nylons; Phenolics; Polycarbonates; Polyesters; Polyethylenes; Polypropylenes; Polystyrenes; Polyurethanes; Rosins, Rosin Esters & Hydrocarbon Resins; Silicones; Vinyls; Miscellaneous; Suppliers’ Addresses; Trade Name Index.
• Front Matter
• Preface
• Table of Contents
Section I: ABS and SAN Resins
Section II: Acetal Resins
Section III: Acrylics
Section IV: Alkyds
Section V: Curing Reaction Resins
Section VI: Epoxy Systems and Related Products
Section VII: High Solids Resins
Section VIII: Nylons
Section IX: Phenolics
Section X: Polycarbonates
Section XI: Polyesters
Section XII: Polyethylenes
Section XIII: Polypropylenes
Section XIV: Polystyrenes
Section XV: Polyurethanes
Section XVI: Rosins, Rosin Esters and Hydrocarbon Resins
Section XVII: Silicones
Section XVIII: Vinyls
Section XIX: Miscellaneous
• Suppliers' Addresses
• Trade Name Index

Industrial Synthetic Resins Handbook

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