For The Love Of Blueberries Cover

For The Love Of Blueberries

ISBN/ASIN: N/A | 2013 | English | pdf | 48/113 pages | 2.64 Mb
Author: Food Spot

These blue colored fruits are truly super foods. They provide more benfits that anyone can list! That's the main reason I had to write this book. Not only are these sweet treats healthy for the body they also taste great.

NOW, don't be confused and think this whole book is about blueberry muffins ( there are three recipes already! ), I've included many recipes that feature these great tiny fruits. You will find both lunch recipes and dinner recipes as well as classic dessert or snack recipes.

If you want to promote a healthy living with the help of something sweet, this is the way to do it! These recipes are easy and taste great. Show some love for those amazing blue fruits right away.

For The Love Of Blueberries

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