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Elements of Forecasting

ISBN/ASIN: 0324359047,9780324359046 | 2006 | English | pdf | 384/386 pages | 9.56 Mb
Publisher: Cengage Learning | Author: Francis X. Diebold | Edition: 4

Elements of Forecasting is a concise, modern survey of business and economics forecasting methods. Written by a leading expert on forecasting, it focuses on the core techniques of widest applicability and assumes only an elementary background in statistics. It is applications-oriented and illustrates all methods with detailed examples and case studies.
— Covers standard material (trend, seasonality, cycles) as well as more modern topics such as model selection, volatility models, unit roots and stochastic trends, vector autoregressions, and cointegration
— Highly applications-oriented, and numerous detailed real-world examples chosen from a variety of fields (including economics, economics, public policy, and engineering) to illustrate all methods.
— Integrates modern modeling and forecasting software, using Eviews output throughout to illustrate concepts. All the data analyzed is included on a disk packaged with the book
— Drives home the limits of forecasting through realistic examples in which not everything works perfectly

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