Biorational Pest Control Agents. Formulation and Delivery Cover

Biorational Pest Control Agents. Formulation and Delivery

ISBN/ASIN: 9780841232266,9780841215207,0841232261 | 1995 | English | pdf | 306/306 pages | 29.7 Mb
Publisher: American Chemical Society | Author: Franklin R. Hall and John W. Barry (Eds.)

Content: An overview of biorational pest control agents / Franklin R. Hall and John W. Barry —
Registration of biologicals : how product formulations affect data requirements / Michael L. Mendelsohn, Thomas C. Ellwanger, Robert I. Rose, John L. Kough, and Phillip O. Hutton —
A generic approach to minimizing impact on nontarget species in Canada / R.E. Mickle —
Ecological factors critical to the exploitation of entomopathogens in pest control / James R. Fuxa —
Modeling the dose acquisition process of Bacillus thuringiensis : influence of feeding pattern on survival / Franklin R. Hall, A.C. Chapple, R.A.J. Taylor, and R.A. Downer —
Delivery systems for biorational agents / William E. Steinke and D. Ken Giles —
Environmental fate and accountancy / M.E. Teske, John W. Barry, and H.W. Thistle, Jr. —
Factors affecting spray deposition, distribution, coverage, and persistence of biorational control agents in forest canopies / Alam Sundaram —
Photostability and rainfastness of tebufenozide deposits on fir foliage / Kanth M.S. Sundaram —
Radiation protection and activity enhancement of viruses / Martin Shapiro —
Formulation and delivery of biocontrol agents for use against soilborne plant pathogens / R.D. Lumsden, J.A. Lewis, and D.R. Fravel —
Metarhizium anisopliae for soil pest control / M.R. Schwarz —
Formulation of entomopathogenic nematodes / R. Georgis, D.B. Dunlop, and P.S. Grewal —
Pheromone formulations for insect control in agriculture / Janice Gillespie, Scott Herbig, and Ron Beyerinck —
Commercial development of entomopathogenic fungi : formulation and delivery / David W. Miller —
Development of novel delivery strategies for use with genetically enhanced baculovirus pesticides / H. Alan Wood and Patrick R. Hughes —
Starch encapsulation of microbial pesticides / M.R. McGuire and B.S. Shasha —
Utilization criteria for mycoherbicides / G.J. Weidemann, C.D. Boyette, and G.E. Templeton —
Biological weed control technology : an overview / N.E. Rees, P.C. Quimby, and J.R. Coulson —
Use of insect pheromones to manage forest insects : present and future / Patrick J. Shea —
Impact of Bacillus thuringiensis on nontarget lepidopteran species in broad-leaved forests / R.C. Reardon and D.L. Wagner.

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