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Tattoos – Philosophy for Everyone: I Ink, Therefore I Am

ISBN/ASIN: 9780470672068,9781118252789 | 2012 | English | pdf | 282/282 pages | 1.84 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell | Author: Fritz Allhoff(eds.)

Covering philosophical issues ranging from tattooed religious symbols to a feminist aesthetics of tattoo, Tattoos and Philosophy offers an enthusiastic analysis of inking that will lead readers to consider the nature of the tattooing arts in a new and profound way.
Contains chapters written by philosophers (most all with tattoos themselves), tattoo artists, and tattoo enthusiasts that touch upon many areas in Western and Eastern philosophyEnlightens people to the nature of tattoos and the tattooing arts, leading readers to think deeply about tattoos in new ways Offers thoughtful and humorous insights that make philosophical ideas accessible to the non-philosopherContent:
Chapter 1 Tattoos and the Tattooing Arts in Perspective (pages 3–13): Charles Taliaferro and Mark Odden
Chapter 2 How to Read a Tattoo, and Other Perilous Quests (pages 14–26): Juniper Ellis
Chapter 3 Are Tattoos Art? (pages 29–37): Nicolas Michaud
Chapter 4 Fleshy Canvas (pages 38–50): Kimberly Baltzer?Jaray and Tanya Rodriguez
Chapter 5 Female Tattoos and Graffiti (pages 53–64): Thorsten Botz?Bornstein
Chapter 6 Painted Fetters (pages 65–80): Nancy Kang
Chapter 7 Tattoo You (pages 83–95): Kyle Fruh and Emily Thomas
Chapter 8 Illusions of Permanence (pages 96–108): Rachel C. Falkenstern
Chapter 9 My Tattoo May Be Permanent, But My Memory of It Isn't (pages 109–120): Clancy Smith
Chapter 10 Tattoos are Forever (pages 123–134): Felipe Carvalho
Chapter 11 Bearing the Marks (pages 135–147): Jonathan Heaps
Chapter 12 Never Merely ‘There’ (pages 151–164): Wendy Lynne Lee
Chapter 13 Something Terribly Flawed (pages 165–178): Kevin S. Decker
Chapter 14 The Vice of the Tough Tattoo (pages 181–192): Jennifer Baker
Chapter 15 To Ink, or Not To Ink (pages 193–205): Daniel Miori
Chapter 16 Writing on the Body (pages 206–217): Simon Woods
Chapter 17 Is a Tattoo a Sign of Impiety? (pages 221–229): Adam Barkman
Chapter 18 Confessions of a Tattooed Buddhist Philosopher (pages 230–241): Joseph J. Lynch
Chapter 19 An Atheist and a Theist Discuss a Cross Tattoo and God's Existence (pages 242–260): Robert Arp

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