Mac OS X Snow Leopard Bible Cover

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Bible

ISBN/ASIN: 047045363X,9780470453636 | 2009 | English | epub | 840/0 pages | 9.08 Mb
Publisher: Wiley | Author: Galen Gruman, Mark Hattersley, Timothy R. Butler | Edition: 1

Tame the very latest Mac OS X cat, Snow Leopard 10.6

Snow Leopard moves faster and roars louder than its predecessor, and this comprehensive guide shows you all the ways to get the most out of this powerful new cat. Explore everything from its muscular handling of applications and streaming media to its new, game-changing support of Microsoft's ActiveSync technology. Get set up on Snow Leopard 10.6, learn professional-level security tools, and discover secret tricks and workarounds with this essential guide.

Install, set up, secure, and explore Mac OX 10.6 Snow Leopard

Connect to a network, work with MobileMe, and share files

Meet Grand Central Dispatch and jet-propel your apps with parallel processing

Get up to speed on Open CL, for faster general performance

Run Windows applications and exchange files with Windows PCs

Go beyond the basics with AppleScript, the Automator, and Unix commands

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Bible

Category: Computers

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