The Exchange-Traded Funds Manual, Second Edition Cover

The Exchange-Traded Funds Manual, Second Edition

ISBN/ASIN: 9780470482339,9781118266946 | English | pdf | 370/370 pages | 2.84 Mb
Author: Gary L. Gastineau(auth.)

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Exchange—Traded Funds (pages 1–18):
Chapter 2 The History and Structure of Exchange—Traded Funds—and Some of Their Competitors (pages 19–41):
Chapter 3 The Regulatory Framework and Mechanics of the Open—End ETF (pages 43–64):
Chapter 4 Taxation of ETFs and Their Shareholders (pages 65–100):
Chapter 5 The Economics of Indexing, Trading Transparency, and Limited—Function Active Management of ETFs (pages 101–129):
Chapter 6 Fund Ratings and Rankings—The Evaluation and Selection of ETFs and Mutual Funds (pages 131–181):
Chapter 7 How Will Full?Function Actively Managed ETFs Work? (pages 183–195):
Chapter 8 How to Minimize Your Cost of Trading ETFs (pages 197–225):
Chapter 9 Economics and Market Effects of ETF Short Selling (pages 227–243):
Chapter 10 Leveraged Long and Inverse Exchange?Traded Funds (pages 245–262):
Chapter 11 ETF Applications for Individual Investors and the Advisors Who Serve Them (pages 263–277):
Chapter 12 ETFs for Investors Living Outside the United States (pages 279–284):
Chapter 13 A Few Things Everyone Should Know about Investment Returns and Retirement (pages 285–292):
Chapter 14 Where to Look for Help in Using ETFs (pages 293–302):

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