Tony Miles: 'It's Only Me': England's First Chess Grandmaster Cover

Tony Miles: ‘It’s Only Me’: England’s First Chess Grandmaster

ISBN/ASIN: 0713488093,9780713488098 | 2003 | English | pdf | 256/292 pages | 14.6 Mb
Publisher: Batsford | Author: Geoff Lawton, Mike Fox, Malcolm Hunt

From the archives of Britain's first grandmaster comes a fascinating and entertaining collection of games, articles, annotations, and reviews. This is the book Tony Miles would have written had he not died so prematurely in 2001, compiled by three of his close friends, and it contains all of his most famous wins, some of his losses, and some hitherto unpublished games from his earlier years. Among the gems that will intrigue chess lovers: a full run-through of the famous match against Karpov with the St. George's opening 1 e4 a6, as well as a much less well-known victory over the then-world champion from a television tournament. Almost all of the games have commentary by Tony, in his own inimitable style. As well as being a great player, Tony Miles's notes prove that he was one of the funniest writers on the game.

Tony Miles: ‘It’s Only Me’: England’s First Chess Grandmaster

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