Tactical Wireless Communications and Networks  Design Concepts and Challenges Cover

Tactical Wireless Communications and Networks: Design Concepts and Challenges

ISBN/ASIN: 9781119951766,9781118445983 | 2012 | English | pdf | 311/311 pages | 2.66 Mb
Author: George F. Elmasry(auth.)

Providing a complete description of modern tactical military communications and networks technology, this book systematically compares tactical military communications techniques with their commercial equivalents, pointing out similarities and differences. In particular it examines each layer of the protocol stack and shows how specific tactical and security requirements result in changes from the commercial approach. The author systematically leads readers through this complex topic, firstly providing background on the architectural approach upon which the analysis will be based, and then going into detail on tactical wireless communications and networking technologies and techniques.
Structured progressively: for readers needing an overall view; for those looking at the communications aspects (lower layers of the protocol stack); and for users interested in the networking aspects (higher layers of the protocol stack)Presents approaches to alleviate the challenges faced by the engineers in the field todayFurnished throughout with illustrations and case studies to clarify the notional and architectural approachesIncludes a list of problems for each chapter to emphasize the important aspects of the topics coveredCovers the current state of tactical networking as well as the future long term evolution of tactical wireless communications and networking in the next 50 yearsWritten at an advanced level with scope as a reference tool for engineers and scientists as well as a graduate text for advanced coursesContent:
Chapter 1 Introduction (pages 1–11):
Chapter 2 The Physical Layer (pages 13–42):
Chapter 3 The DLL and Information Theory in Tactical Networks (pages 43–81):
Chapter 4 MAC and Network Layers in Tactical Networks (pages 83–110):
Chapter 5 Non?IP Tactical Radios and the Move toward IP (pages 111–139):
Chapter 6 IP?Based Tactical Waveforms and the GIG (pages 141–175):
Chapter 7 Cognitive Radios (pages 177–204):
Chapter 8 Open Architecture in Tactical Networks (pages 205–224):
Chapter 9 Open Architecture Details (pages 225–260):
Chapter 10 Bringing Commercial Cellular Capabilities to Tactical Networks (pages 261–274):
Chapter 11 Network Management Challenges in Tactical Networks (pages 275–291):

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