Okinawa: The History of an Island People Cover

Okinawa: The History of an Island People

ISBN/ASIN: 0804820872,9780804820875 | 2000 | English | mobi | 592/0 pages | 6.00 Mb
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing | Author: George Kerr | Edition: Revised

Few people can point to Okinawa on a map, yet this tiny island sitting between China and Japan was and continues to be one of the most crucial Asian nerve centers in all U.S. strategic defense. Ninety percent of all U.S. military forces in Japan are located on Okinawa, one of the Ryukyu Islands, and it was through these troops that the martial art of karate was exported to the U.S. In Okinawa: History of an Island People, noted Eastern affairs specialist George Kerr recounts the fascinating history of the island and its environs, from 1314 A.D. to the late twentieth century. First published in 1958, this edition features a new introduction and appendix by Okinawa history scholar Mitsugu Sakihara, making this the most comprehensive resource on the small, vital, and intriguing island of Okinawa.

Okinawa: The History of an Island People

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