Information Reuse and Integration in Academia and Industry Cover

Information Reuse and Integration in Academia and Industry

ISBN/ASIN: 9783709115374,9783709115381 | 2013 | English | pdf | 306/314 pages | 7.28 Mb
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Wien | Author: Gio Wiederhold (auth.), Tansel Özyer, Keivan Kianmehr, Mehmet Tan, Jia Zeng (eds.) | Edition: 1

The present work covers the latest developments and discoveries related to information reuse and integration in academia and industrial settings. The need for dealing with the large volumes of data being produced and stored in the last decades and the numerous systems developed to deal with these is increasingly necessary. Not all these developments could have been achieved without the investing large amounts of resources. Over time, new data sources evolve and data integration continues to be an essential and vital requirement. Furthermore, systems and products need to be revised to adapt new technologies and needs. Instead of building these from scratch, researchers in the academia and industry have realized the benefits of reusing existing components that have been well tested. While this trend avoids reinventing the wheel, it comes at the cost of finding the optimum set of existing components to be utilized and how they should be integrated together and with the new non-existing components which are to be developed. These nontrivial tasks have led to challenging research problems in the academia and industry. These issues are addressed in this book, which is intended to be a unique resource for researchers, developers and practitioners.

Information Reuse and Integration in Academia and Industry

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