The US Army in the Vietnam War 1965-73 Cover

The US Army in the Vietnam War 1965-73

ISBN/ASIN: 1846032393,9781846032394 | 2008 | English | pdf | 96/97 pages | 3.00 Mb
Publisher: Osprey Publishing | Author: Gordon Rottman

This book provides detailed information about how US Army units were organized and operated in America's longest war. Special forces veteran Gordon L Rottman examines the different types of infantry battalions and the units that supported them, their training and organization down to platoon level. Aspects of the US Army's conventional and unconventional warfare doctrine are also addressed, along with a discussion of how replacements were trained and integrated into units. Among other areas of the US Army's involvement covered are individual and crew-served weapons, artillery, armored fighting vehicles, transport, logistics, the complex chain of command, and combat operations.

The US Army in the Vietnam War 1965-73

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