When the Earth was flat Cover

When the Earth was flat

ISBN/ASIN: 1843178680,9781843178682,9781843179252 | 2012 | English | epub | 192/0 pages | 4.06 Mb
Publisher: Michael O’Mara Books | Author: Graeme Donald

The perfect gift for anyone with an interest in our scientific history, When the Earth Was Flat exposes the scientific theories that were once widely believed to be true but have since been disproved. Featuring ideas that now seem more crazy than credible, from the human body being made up of only four humours – black and yellow bile, blood and phlegm – to the discovery of the so-called missing link in the evolutionary chain. When the Earth Was Flat tells the fascinating story behind those scientific theories we once believed to be true, and shows how the way we view the world, and the way we think the world works, has changed completely throughout history.

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