Creation Language in Romans 8  A Study in Monosemy Cover

Creation Language in Romans 8: A Study in Monosemy

ISBN/ASIN: 9004246487,9789004246485 | 2013 | English | pdf | xiv+204/219 pages | 2.11 Mb
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers | Author: Gregory P. Fewster

Modern scholarship tends to understand Paul’s use of creation language (κτίσις) in Rom 8.18–23 as part of a commentary on the state of sub-human creation. This misguided position warrants an inquiry into the state of lexical study in New Testament scholarship. As a result, Fewster articulates a theory of lexical monosemy, cast in the framework of Systemic Functional Linguistics. The model is applied to Paul’s use of κτίσις through a robust corpus analysis and investigation into the word's role within the paragraph. κτίσις contributes to the cohesive structure of Rom 8.18–23 and—contra the majority of interpreters—functions as a metaphor for the human body.

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