Japanese and Western Bioethics: Studies in Moral Diversity Cover

Japanese and Western Bioethics: Studies in Moral Diversity

ISBN/ASIN: 9789048147199,9789401588959 | 1997 | English | pdf | 247/242 pages | 4.12 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: H. Tristram Engelhardt Jr. (auth.), Kazumasa Hoshino (eds.) | Edition: 1

The editors of the Philosophy and Medicine series recognize with grat­ itude the foresight, understanding, hard labor, and patience of Prof. Kazumasa Hoshino. It is his perseverance that has made this volume a reality. It was his faith in ideas that brought together a cluster of scholars in Tokyo on September 2-4, 1994, at Sophia University for a U. S. -J apan Bioethics Congress. With the support of the Foundation for Advance­ ment of International Science, the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, the Foundation of Thanatology, the Japanese Center for Quality of Life Studies, and Sophia University, scholars from Canada, Germany, Japan, and the United States were able to explore the differ­ ences and similarities in their approaches to bioethics and health care policy. That conference first produced a volume through Shibunkaku Publishers of Kyoto that appeared in 1995 in J apanese: The Dignity of Death, edited by Kazumasa Hoshino. Selections from those materials have been reworked for an English audience and now appear, along with new essays, in this volume. The field of comparative bioethics is only in its infancy. We are deeply grateful to Prof. Kazumasa Hoshino, one of the fathers of J apanese bioethics, for having made this volume possible. H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr. Stuart F. Spicker Vll ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This volume's editors and Kluwer Academic Publishers wish to thank Shibunkaku Press, Kyoto, Japan, for permission to publish, without charge, essays derived from the U. S.

Japanese and Western Bioethics: Studies in Moral Diversity

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