The PHP Anthology, Volume II: Applications Cover

The PHP Anthology, Volume II: Applications

ISBN/ASIN: 0957921845,9780957921849 | 2003 | English | pdf | 438/412 pages | 3.60 Mb
Publisher: SitePoint Pty Ltd | Author: Harry Fuecks | Edition: 1

Note: A completely updated & revised edition of this book is now available. Please search for "The PHP Anthology, 2nd Edition" (ISBN: 0975841998)

A compilation of best practice solutions to common Web Development problems in PHP, focusing on the achievement of practical goals by applying well-structured, object orientated software design principles.

Volume 2 covers the applications of PHP in the real world including authentication & access control, XML, stats & tracking, caching data to improve performance, design techniques and design patterns. The chapter on Design Patterns is particularly unique as it teaches readers about common object architectures which can be used to solve common (though unique) problems.

In addition to being an excellent reference with over 60 customizable solutions, the book acts as an excellent primer for Object Orientated Programming. PHP 5 has now been released and has been given significant OOP features, which are a must-learn for PHP Developers.

All code in the book is backwards compatible with earlier versions of PHP.

The PHP Anthology, Volume II: Applications

Category: Development

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