Control of Corrosion in Cooling Waters Cover

Control of Corrosion in Cooling Waters

ISBN/ASIN: 9781601191724,9781904350347,1904350348,1601191723,9781907747861,1907747869 | 2004 | English | pdf | 94/93 pages | 3.51 Mb
Publisher: Maney Publishing | Author: Harston, J.D.; Ropital, F. (Eds.)

The joint CEFRACOR – SCI commission 'Corrosion in the chemicals industry' has undertaken the task of developing corrosion prevention tools for chemical engineers. A number of working groups have been set up to treat subjects of general interest, and studies have already been published on the degradation of the fluorinated polymers and corrosion beneath insulation. This treatise on the control of corrosion problems in cooling waters forms part of this work.
• Front Matter
• Foreword
• Series Introduction
• Preface
• Table of Contents
• 1. Introduction
2. The Circuits
3. The Water
4. The Principal Problems Arising from the Use of Untreated Water
5. Treatment of Supply Waters
6. Treatment of Water Circuits
7. Implementation of Treatment
8. Monitoring and Inspection
• 9. Malfunctions and Remedial Measures
• 10. Legal Aspects
• 11. Examples of Treatments and Monitoring
• Appendix A: Calcium/Carbonic Species Equilibria and Carbonate Deposits
• Appendix B: Scaling Mechanisms
• Appendix C: Ion Exchange Processes
• Appendix D: Chemical Formulae for Actives
• Glossary
• Bibliography

Control of Corrosion in Cooling Waters

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