Intelligent Signal Processing Cover

Intelligent Signal Processing

ISBN/ASIN: 9781601190864,9780780360105 | 2001 | English | pdf | 571/595 pages | 38.6 Mb
Publisher: Wiley – IEEE Press | Author: Haykin, Simon; Kosko, Bart(eds.)

This book explores how ISP tools address the problems of practical neural systems, new signal data, and blind fuzzy approximators. The editors have compiled 20 articles written by prominent researchers covering 15 diverse, practical applications of this nascent topic, exposing the reader to the signal processing power of learning and adaptive systems. This essential reference is intended for researchers, professional engineers, and scientists working in statistical signal processing and its applications in various fields such as humanistic intelligence, stochastic resonance, financial markets, optimization, pattern recognition, signal detection, speech processing, and sensor fusion. Intelligent Signal Processing is also invaluable for graduate students and academics with a background in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering.

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