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Sieve Methods

ISBN/ASIN: 0486479390,9780486479392 | 2011 | English | epub | 384/0 pages | 21.3 Mb
Publisher: Dover Publications | Author: Heine Halberstam, Hans Egon Richert, Mathematics

Derived from the techniques of analytic number theory, sieve theory employs methods from mathematical analysis to solve number-theoretical problems. This text by a noted pair of experts is regarded as the definitive work on the subject. It formulates the general sieve problem, explores the theoretical background, and illustrates significant applications.
"For years to come, Sieve Methods will be vital to those seeking to work in the subject, and also to those seeking to make applications," noted prominent mathematician Hugh Montgomery in his review of this volume for the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society. The authors supply the theoretical background for the method of Jurkat-Richert and illustrate it by means of significant applications, concentrating on the "small" sieves of Brun and Selberg. Additional topics include the linear sieve, a weighted sieve, and Chen's theorem.

Sieve Methods

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