On Biomineralization Cover

On Biomineralization

ISBN/ASIN: 0195049772,9780195049770 | 1989 | English | pdf | 324/335 pages | 25.1 Mb
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA | Author: Heinz A. Lowenstam, Stephen Weiner

Focusing on the basic principles of mineral formation by organisms, this comprehensive volume explores questions that relate to a wide variety of fields, from biology and biochemistry, to paleontology, geology, and medical research. Preserved fossils are used to date geological deposits and archaeological artifacts. Materials scientists investigate mineralized tissues to determine the design principles used by organisms to form strong materials. Many medical problems are also associated with normal and pathological mineralization. Lowenstam, the pioneer researcher in biomineralization, and Weiner discuss the basic principles of mineral formation by organisms and compare various mineralization processes. Reference tables listing all known cases in which organisms form minerals are included.

On Biomineralization

Category: Science

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