Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Cover

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

ISBN/ASIN: 9781588294135,9781592599080 | 2005 | English | pdf | 672/645 pages | 5.12 Mb
Publisher: Humana Press | Author: Helmut O. Steinbergr MD (auth.), Michael T. Johnstone MD, CM, FRCP(C), Aristidis Veves MD, DSC (eds.) | Edition: 2

In this second edition of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease, Michael T. Johnstone, MD, and Aristidis Veves, MD, have updated and expanded their very successful classic text to reflect new research, advances in clinical care, and the growing recognition that diabetes mellitus is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Written for the practicing clinician as a comprehensive review of diabetic vascular disease, the book both explains the basic pathophysiology of the disease and details the latest diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. On the science side, the authors have added new chapters on the role of estrogens in diabetic vascular disease, PARP activation and nitrosative stress in the development of the cardiovascular system, adiponectin and the cardiovascular system, and PPARs and their emerging role in vascular biology, inflammation, and atherosclerosis. On the clinical side, readers will find new chapters on percutaneous interventional therapy in cardiac and peripheral vascular disease, cardiovascular surgery in diabetic patients, and therapeutic interventions to improve endothelial function in diabetes. The chapters on diabetes and hypertension, heart failure, and coronary artery disease have been extensively revised, offering a cutting-edge discussion of retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, and microcirculation of the diabetic foot.
Authoritative and comprehensive, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease, Second Edition offers practicing physicians a cutting-edge scientific and clinical review of diabetic cardiovascular disease, providing both a deeper understanding of its pathology and all the day-to-day practical knowledge needed to treat patients effectively.

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

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