Engineering Metallurgy - Applied Physical Metallurgy Cover

Engineering Metallurgy – Applied Physical Metallurgy

ISBN/ASIN: 9780080523644,9780340568309,0340568305,0080523641 | 1993 | English | pdf | 582/597 pages | 28.1 Mb
Publisher: Elsevier | Author: Higgins, Raymond A. | Edition: 6th Edition

This well-established text provides a simple treatment of applied physical metallurgy that will be invaluable to all those studying metallurgy as a principal or subsidiary subject.Introduces a number of new topics, such as rapid solidification processed, high temperature surface protection, Lithium-Aluminium alloys and micro-alloyed steels. Many new materials are included and recent developments in corrosion protection are covered. The environmental effects of steelmaking are examined as well as the effect of the environment on metals.
• Front Matter
• Preface to the First Edition
• Preface to the Sixth Edition
• Table of Contents
1. Some Fundamental Chemistry
2. The Physical and Mechanical Properties of Metals and Alloys
3. The Crystalline Structure of Metals
4. Mechanical Deformation and Recovery
5. Fracture of Metals
6. The Industrial Shaping of Metals
7. An Introduction to Steel
8. The Formation of Alloys
9. Thermal Equilibrium Diagrams
10. Practical Metallography
11. The Heat-treatment of Plain Carbon Steels – (I)
12. The Heat-treatment of Plain Carbon Steels – (II)
13. Alloy Steels
14. Complex Ferrous Alloys
15. Cast Irons and Alloy Cast Irons
16. Copper and the Copper-base Alloys
17. Aluminium and Its Alloys
18. Other Non-ferrous Metals and Alloys
19. The Surface Hardening of Steels
20. Metallurgical Principles of the Joining of Metals
21. Metallic Corrosion and Its Prevention
• Answers to Numerical Problems
• Index

Engineering Metallurgy – Applied Physical Metallurgy

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