Mineral Deposits & Earth Evolution Cover

Mineral Deposits & Earth Evolution

ISBN/ASIN: 1862391823,9781862391826 | 2005 | English | pdf | 280/281 pages | 26.6 Mb
Publisher: Geological Society of London | Author: I. McDonald, A. J. Boyce, I. B. Butler, R. J. Herrington, D. A. Polya (Editors)

Mineral deposits are not only primary sources of wealth generation, but also act as windows through which to view the evolution and interrelationships of the Earth system. Deposits formed throughout the last 3.8 billion years of the Earth’s history preserve key evidence with which to test fundamental questions about the evolution of the Earth. These include: the nature of early magmatic and tectonic processes, supercontinent reconstructions, the state of the atmosphere and hydrosphere with time, and the emergence and development of life. The interlinking processes that form mineral deposits have always sat at the heart of the Earth system and the potential for using deposits as tools to understand that evolving system over geological time is increasingly recognized. This volume contains research aimed both at understanding the origins of mineral deposits and at using mineral deposits as tools to explore different long-term Earth processes.
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Mineral Deposits & Earth Evolution

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