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Introduction to Data Compression

ISBN/ASIN: 9780124157965 | 2012 | pdf | 768/742 pages | 18.6 Mb
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann

This text is a truly introductory treatment of the entire field of data compression, including lossless coding, speech coding, and audio coding, which are often neglected in other data compression books. Sayood’s book has the very best tutorial treatment of lossless source coding anywhere, with detailed coverage of Lempel-Ziv, arithmetic, Golumb, and Tunstall coding, in addition to treatments of fixed and adaptive Huffman coding and context-based methods. Additionally, the book contains material on M-band quadrature mirror filter banks, the polyphase decomposition, and wavelets beyond what is normally found in any introductory text. I have used Sayood’s book for a reference and as a text for a course on signal compression. I highly recommend it for adoption. -Jerry D. Gibson, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Santa BarbaraKhalid Sayood's book has long been the standard academic reference for those interested in Data Compression. I am very pleased to see his ongoing effort to keep the content timely with the release of the fourth edition this fall. If you want to be well versed in state of the art, ranging from simple lossless coding up to complex video compression, this is the only book I know that will stay with you on every step of the journey.-Mark Nelson, Engineer at Cisco Systems, Inc and Senior Member of IEEE

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