Technology for Waterborne Coatings Cover

Technology for Waterborne Coatings

ISBN/ASIN: 9780841235014,9780841216167,0841235015 | 1997 | English | pdf | 311/311 pages | 28.2 Mb
Publisher: American Chemical Society | Author: J. Edward Glass (Eds.)

Content: Waterborne coatings with an emphasis on synthetic aspects : an overview / Melissa A. Grunlan, Lin-Lin Xing, and J. Edward Glass —
A perspective on resins for aqueous coatings / John L. Gardon —
Progress in predicting latex-particle morphology and projections for the future / Yvon G. Durant and Donald C. Sundberg —
Particle coalescence / Peter T. Elliott, Wylie H. Wetzel, Lin-Lin Xing, and J. Edward Glass —
Two-component waterborne epoxy coatings / Frederick H. Walker and Michael I. Cook —
Particle interactions and dispersion rheology / J.W. Goodwin and R.W. Hughes —
Waterborne radiation-curable coatings / Kurt A. Wood —
The application of carbodiimide chemistry to coatings / J.W. Taylor and D.R. Bassett —
Synthesis and coating properties of novel waterborne polyurethane dispersions / Valentino J. Tramontano, Michael E. Thomas, and Robert D. Coughlin —
Making paint from alkyd emulsions / A. Hofland —
Application of electrosterically stabilized latex in waterborne coatings / D.D. Huang, S. Nandy, and E.J. Thorgerson —
Spectroscopic studies of surfactant mobility and stratification in films from homopolymer latex blends / Amy P. Chu, Lara K. Tebelius, and Marek W. Urban —
Development of porous structure during consolidation of pigmented paper coatings / Anna Stanislawska and Pierre Tebelius —
The drying of waterborne coatings / Edgar B. Gutoff —
Spray application of waterborne coatings / Lin-Lin Xing, J. Edward Glass, and Raymond H. Fernando.

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