Fate and Management of Turfgrass Chemicals Cover

Fate and Management of Turfgrass Chemicals

ISBN/ASIN: 9780841236240,9780841217454,0841236240 | 2000 | English | pdf | 467/467 pages | 59.3 Mb
Publisher: American Chemical Society | Author: J. Marshall Clark and Michael P. Kenna (Eds.)

Content: The U.S. Golf Association turfgrass and environmental research program overview / Michael P. Kenna and James T. Snow —
Turfgrass benefits and the golf environment / J.B. Beard —
Pesticides for turfgrass pest management : uses and environmental issues / Kenneth D. Racke —
Groundwater contamination potential of pesticides and fertilizers used on golf courses / B.E. Branham, E.D. Miltner, P.E. Rieke, M.J. Zabik, and B.G. Ellis —
Potential movement of nutrients and pesticides following application to golf courses / L.M. Shuman, A.E. Smith, and D.C. Bridges —
Surface runoff of selected pesticides applied to turfgrasses / T.L. Watschke, R.O. Mumma, D.T. Linde, J.A. Borger, and S.A. Harrison —
Mobility and persistence of pesticides applied to a U.S. Golf Association green : pesticides in percolate, thatch, soil, and clippings and approaches to reduce fenamiphos and fenamiphos metabolite leaching / J.L. Cisar and G.H. Snyder —
Environmental fates of fungicides in the turfgrass environment : a minireview / W.V. Sigler, C.P. Taylor, C.S. Throssell, M. Bischoff, and R.F. Turco —
Application of DMI fungicides to turfgrass with three delivery systems / G.L. Schumann, J. Marshall Clark, J.J. Doherty, and B.B. Clarke —
The effect of salinity on nitrate leaching from tall fescue turfgrass / D.C. Bowman, D.A. Devitt, and W.W. Miller —
KTURF : pesticide and nitrogen leaching model / Steven K. Starrett and Shelli K. Starrett —
Calibration and validation of runoff and leaching models for turf pesticides, and comparison with monitoring results / T.E. Durborow, N.L. Barnes, S.Z. Cohen, G.L. Horst, and A.E. Smith —
Dicamba transport in turfgrass thatch and foliage / M.J. Carroll, R.L. Hill, S. Raturi, A.E. Herner, and E. Pfeil —
Monitoring vadose-zone soil water for reducing nitrogen leaching on golf courses / G.H. Snyder and J.L. Cisar —
Modeling approaches for assessment of exposure from volatilized pesticides applied to turf / D.A. Haith, C.J. DiSante, G.R. Roy, and J. Marshall Clark —
Best management practices to reduce pesticide and nutrient runoff from turf / J.H. Baird, N.T. Basta, R.L. Huhnke, G.V. Johnson, M.E. Payton, D.E. Storm, C.A. Wilson, M.D. Smolen, D.L. Martin, and J.T. Cole —
Hazard evaluation and management of volatile and dislodgeable foliar pesticide residues following application to turfgrass / J. Marshall Clark, G.R. Roy, J.J. Doherty, A.S. Curtis, and R.J. Cooper —
In vitro screening and recovery of Rhizoctonia solani resistant creeping bentgrass: evaluation of three in vitro bioassays / M. Tomaso-Peterson, A. Sri Vanguri, and J.V. Krans —
Development of improved turfgrass with herbicide resistance and enhanced disease resistance through transformation / F.C. Belanger, C. Laramore, S. Bonos, W.A. Meyer, and P.R. Day —
The use of transgenic plants to confer resistance to brown patch caused by Rhizoctonia solani in Agrostis palustris / D.E. Green, II, J.M. Vargas, Jr., Benli Chai, N.M. Dykema, and M. Sticklen —
Microbial strategies for the biological control of turfgrass diseases / Eric B. Nelson and Cheryl M. Craft —
Potential for use of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia and a related bacterial species for the control of soilborne turfgrass diseases / D.Y. Kobayashi, J.D. Palumbo, and M.A. Holtman —
Allelopathy versus Neotyphodium (Acremonium) endophytes versus competition effects on crabgrass suppression by 12 perennial ryegrass cultivars / John W. King, Donghoon Lee, Michael D. Richardson, Terry L. Lavy, Brigs Skulman, Melody L. Marlatt, and Charles P. West —
Cultural control, risk assessment, and environmentally responsible management of scarab grubs and cutworms in turfgrass / D.A. Potter, R.C. Williamson, K.F. Haynes, and A.J. Powell, Jr. —
Improved mole cricket management through an enhanced understanding of pest behavior / R.L. Brandenburg, P.T. Hertl, and M.G. Villani —
Pasteuria sp. for biological control of the sting nematode, Belonolaimus longicaudatus, in turfgrass / R.M. Giblin-Davis.

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