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Practical C# Charts and Graphics

ISBN/ASIN: 097937250X,9780979372506 | 2007 | English | pdf | 572/570 pages | 4.19 Mb
Publisher: UniCAD, Inc. | Author: Jack Xu

The book "Practical C# Charts and Graphics – Advanced Chart and Graphics Programming for Real-World .NET Applications" privides all the tools you need to create professional C# chart and graphics applications For .NET developers, creating professional charts and graphics in your C# applications is now easier than ever before. Practical C# Charts and Graphics is the perfect guide to learning all the basics for creating your advanced chart and graphics applications in C#. The book clearly explains practical chart and graphics methods and their underlying algorithms. The book contains: – Overview of GDI+ graphics capabilities and mathematical basics of computer charting and graphics – Step-by-step procedures to create a variety of 2D and 3D charts and graphics with complete ready-to-run C# code for each application – Powerful 2D and 3D chart packages and user controls that can be directly used in your C# applications or can be easily modified to create your own sophisticated chart and graphics packages. – Detailed procedures to create C# spreadsheet-like chart and graphics applications – Introductions for how to use Microsoft's Excel charts in your C# applications

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