Services in Economic Thought: Three Centuries of Debate Cover

Services in Economic Thought: Three Centuries of Debate

ISBN/ASIN: 9789401053143,9789401129602,0792304683,0792309006,0792392302 | 1992 | English | pdf | 130/138 pages | 9.81 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: Jean-Claude Delaunay, Jean Gadrey (auth.) | Edition: 1

Services today account for a major share of employment and national product in the U. S. , with the employment share up from 57 percent immediately post-war to well over 70 percent today (if communications, utilities and transportation are included). This transformation (which is also occurring with varying lags in the othereconomically advanced economies) is driven by a variety of forces : by changes in consumer demand, by the rising demand for health and educational services, by new ways in which businesses are organized and the increasing importance ofcertain functions (e. g. new demands for monitoring, financing, sales promotion, and responding to regulatory agencies), and, closely related, by the continuing advances in electronic technology. Moreover, these multiple transformations have been accompanied by changes in the way work is carried out (e. g. the dramatic increases in the utilization of white collar workers, particularly professionals and managers, and the employment of women and educated workers), and by shifts in the location of work and of the population (e. g. rising importance of key cities within the urban system and of suburbs generally). The role of services in modem capitalistic economies is not yet integrated into the body of economic theory, although the need for such integration, especially as regards theories ofgrowth, market structure, and pricing, is critical. Some economists and sociologists, however, have since the days of Adam Smith, dealt with certain aspects of the role of services.

Services in Economic Thought: Three Centuries of Debate

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