Sonar and Underwater Acoustics Cover

Sonar and Underwater Acoustics

ISBN/ASIN: 9781848211896,9781118600580 | 2010 | English | pdf | 618/618 pages | 7.94 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-ISTE | Author: Jean?Paul Marage, Yvon Mori(auth.)

Sonar and Underwater Acoustics brings together all the concepts necessary for designers and users of sonar systems. Unlike other books on this subject, which are often too specialized, this book is accessible to a wider audience. The first part focuses on the acoustic environment, antenna structures, and electric acoustic interface. The latter provides knowledge required to design, as well as the development and implementation of chain processes for an active sonar from the conditioning input to output processing. The reader will find a comprehensive range of all problems encountered in underwater acoustics for a sonar application, from physical phenomena governing the environment and the corresponding constraints, through to the technical definition of transducers and antennas, and the types of signal processing involved. In one section, measures in underwater acoustics are also proposed.Content:
Chapter 1 Problematics (pages 5–17):
Chapter 2 Sound Propagation in the Marine Environment (pages 19–39):
Chapter 3 Noises and Reverberation (pages 41–64):
Chapter 4 Radiated and Inherent Noises (pages 65–78):
Chapter 5 Transmission of the Acoustic Signal: Sonar Equations (pages 79–91):
Chapter 6 Electric?Acoustic and Acoustic?Electric Transformations (pages 97–111):
Chapter 7 Performance and Structures of Acoustic Antennas (pages 113–210):
Chapter 8 Electronic Transducer?Hydrophone Adaptation (pages 211–267):
Chapter 9 Electro?Mechano?Acoustic Analogies (pages 269–321):
Chapter 10 Selection Criteria in Active Processing (pages 327–339):
Chapter 11 Processing Chain in Active Sonar (pages 341–458):
Chapter 12 Basic Theoretical Notions in Active Processing (pages 459–524):
Chapter 13 Measurement in Underwater Acoustics (pages 525–554):

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