Commentaries on Living Cover

Commentaries on Living

ISBN/ASIN: 0835604152,9780835604154 | 2002 | English | pdf | 287/167 pages | 3.20 Mb
Publisher: Quest Books | Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti's essential message is that to find truth, we must go beyond the limits of ordinary thought. In public talks worldwide, he strove to free listeners from conventional beliefs and psychological mind-sets in order to understand what is. This 3-volume series records his meetings with individual seekers from all walks of life, during which he comments on the struggles common to those who work to break the boundaries of personality and self-limitation. This second volume of the 3-part series includes discussions of creative happiness, devotion, worship, the fear of death, karma and an experience of bliss.

Commentaries on Living

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