Can Hens Give Milk? Cover

Can Hens Give Milk?

ISBN/ASIN: 1554693195,9781554693191 | 2011 | English | pdf | 32/33 pages | 4.50 Mb
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers | Author: Joan Betty Stuchner, Joe Weissmann

Tova lives with her family on a small farm in the famous town of Chelm, a mythical village populated, according to Jewish folklore, by fools. Tova's farm has hens and even a rooster, but no cow. Her mother, Rivka, wishes they could afford to buy a cow, so they could have fresh milk and butter every day. One night Tova's father has a dream about how to get milk without actually owning a cow. He asks Tova to help him find a way to get milk from their hens, and the results are hilarious. Finally, to the family's joy and the hens' relief, the problem is solved by none other than the wise Rabbi of Chelm himself, and a little extra help from Tova.

Can Hens Give Milk?

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